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Uma Dramática Sucessão de Eventos

When dream and day unite

What is the difference between the sunlight and moonlight??

In reality, we see the sun and perceive your clarified light
In reality, we see the moon and perceive your powerful aura 

In the dreams, the lights are not the main guide, but only a spectrum that provides a sense of direction

In this direction, a path is unveiled
A path to nowhere that makes us keep our consciousness

In dreams, the sun is not the star king
In dreams, the reign of the sun loses authority to other forces
Unknown forces, that only darken our way back to reality

In dreams, a black unknown energy wants to take the power and control our minds

Control our minds in the dreams, and lead us to nightmares

In the nightmares, images come to represent what we fear most

And in fact, images and words work together in our minds to express the anguish of that fear

A fear which is only eliminated for a new session of sleep

These images in nightmares will try to be decoded, in reality, by words

But, in the nightmares, these words don’t have concrete meaning, and in a troubled dream, words end up being abstract

In that cases, nightmares don't have an signification

Being awake, we’re guided by real lights, and in the path of that lights, we search for a purpose

A purpose that will be put in check until they fall asleep again

Through the path of darkness, we walked for a reason and a purpose too

So then, standing in a path of darkness, we go inside nightmares

These moments of darkness are there to test the ubiquitous control of sunlight during the days

In dreams, the sun can be a truly authoritarian leader, but even the most confident leader must be controlled

That control is done by eclipses, that confuse our cognitions and them, we will fall into eternity

A eternity of dreams, nightmares, realities and memories

We see scenes of the past, and we consider these scenes as previous memories

But, if we attend of that same scenes in a near future, that figurative images are no longer memories, but only clear representations that we’re alive

Memories are not only past scenes, but also glimpses of the future

Try to imagine one person that is guided only for past events, or guided by lapses of memory, and would not be difficult to recognize this person as mentally confused

In this case of insanity, there is a cognitive failure
A gap in which person is lost within himself

Totally lost in a six degrees of inner turbulence

These degrees of turbulence are determined by a variable scale in a uncontrollable train of thought 

Carrying on between sanity and madness

In the sanity, thoughts traveling on a highway that flows freely

In madness, thoughts stop from time to time in overcrowded stations

Sanity or madness, the train of thought is confronted without order, and the only certainty is doubt and indecision

Ideas and thoughts viewed psychotic aberrations
Decisions are made to act as remedies this uncertainty

Only powerful drugs can continue deceiving the insane minds

Only chemical interventions can prove that we are not aware of our impulses

A person who recognizes his altered state is just another living person
A person who recognize his normal state is just an primitive animal

An animal that survives to stimuli in an corrupted environment

Animals impacted by society
A desorderly nation that cares about its own interests

The only satisfaction of the people  is the futile struggle for justice 

A disguised justice of a systematic chaos

Chaos in which dream turns nightmare
And the nightmare becomes a dream, and none of it is playful

Systematic chaos, a trip of a lost civilization

Systematic chaos that fools and erodes people with a moral sense of what is right
Or what is wrong

A false moralism wearing the mask of irony and sarcasm

This fake moralism serves as a backdrop for a world
A place that houses black clouds and silver linings

A world of constantly and recurring eclipses
Where lapses of light are drowned by total darkness

Opening the door of the imagination, there is a blinding luminosity, a clear mind opens up to the possibilities that arise

The reason appears to try to prove the certainty of nonexistent reality

And the perception of unreality manifests freely around the chaotic world

In that world, also doesn’t exist the nature presence
Not occur the change of seasons

There are no limits to the succession of memories

Dreams and nightmares coexist

Days and nights are no longer differentiated by sunlight and moonlight

Living only through the dismemberment of the senses

In a state where the power of the stars is corrupted by the absence of heaven
In a place where the changing seasons is a desorganized process

We remain at the mercy of time and space
We continue ahead, and go ahead

We carry on with the strenght of mind
With a consciousness outside of reality 

Living in a panorama based on a systematic chaos
In circumstances that challenge our beliefs and motivations

We're living immersed in a dramatic turn of events

- - - 

Texto baseado na discografia sucessiva de Dream Theather:

- When Dream and Day Unite (1989)
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***Não incluído

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