segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2013

Years Gone - Dr. Sin (Adap.)

How many times will we close the door
There´s nothing left
That we had before.

Hang on, don't you lose it,
Write it off
That's the way it is.
Give it up, you gotta choose yesterday.

Today or yesterday.
Today or tomorrow.
Tomorrow or yesterday?

Choose it.

Remember yesterday, and learning about all you had already lived,
It's the same that make a better present.

Choose tomorrow, if you prefer.
It's the same that live the present,
Transforming it into something better,
Who cames from lessons of the past.

Choice, change these lessons if they are limited,
And create their own ones.

Years gone.

Dr. Sin - Years Gone (Andria Busic, Ivan Busic, Eduardo Ardanuy; Brutal, 1995)

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