segunda-feira, 26 de agosto de 2013

Necessary Needs

There'no unlockable doors,                                           So find a key                       
There'no unwinnable wars,                                            Then fight, win or die
There'no unrightable wrongs,                                       At least those that depend only on you
There'no unsingable songs.

There'no umbeatable odds,                                           Until the end
There'no believable gods,                                              Only those which you believe
There'no unnameable names,                                       Everything is named.

There'no impossible dreams,                                        Just lei it be taken to where you want
There'no invisible seams,                                                Nor invisibility
Each night when the day is through,                           Not ask for much more than necessary,
I just want.

There'no uncriminal crimes,                                          Nor infractions without punishment
There'no unrhymabel rhymes,                                      They join in
There'no identical twins or forgivable sins,             Monozygotics sinners
There'no incurable ills,                                                    Or remedies that cure.

There'no unkillable thrills,                                                 Just feeling them
There're thing ones that I'd not know if it's true,      And is the great majority of them
There'no unachievable goals,                                       And games that can't be played                   There'no unsaveable souls,                                               Unless you compromise your own soul.

No legitimate kings or queens,                                        Not exist the most powerful
There'no indisputable truths,                                          If you're not adapt your stereotypes
Each night when the day is through,                             Not ask for much more than necessary.

Every dream dreamed and every day spent,            The necessary arrives,
Each day and each night,                                                   The necessary leaves.

Baseado na música: "I Just Want You", Ozzy Osbourne.

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