sexta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2013

Inexorable Change

The times are changing so fast as usual
The clock is ticking, the time is running out
I'm waiting until the moment when the clock stops
Then, I will wait for the eternity

Flashes of thunder among the dark clouds illuminate the storm that is approaching
An apocalyptic storm with the power to move mountains and cause cataclysms
That powerful light in the sky tell me things

Feeling the night time growing nearer
From amidst the darkness I see the stars shining clearer
Shooting stars that make believe we can make a wish
Poky stars that give the impression that tomorrow  sun will shine hotly
These bright constellations also tell me things

The furious seas make plans
To shatter and devour everything and everyone who succumb in treacherous waters
These diabolical seas also tell me things

Cause the impossibility to stop the clock is a prelude to change
Cause the forces of the nature reigns over mankind

The power flashes from the apocalyptic storm are a prelude to change
That shining stars in the sky annunciate a prelude to change
The furious seas also manifest changes

And inside these changes, we're just chess pieces

The times are changing so fast as usual
We can't control these forces
Forces of the inexorable time

No one can ever catch these winds
No one can avoid those storm lights, the beauty stars and the seas, anyway

No one can control the destiny, nor avoid it
The only certainty of destiny is changes
Only changes

Uncontrollable changes, inexorable fact

Life or death, we can't control the destiny, nor changes

We are chess pieces
Pieces on a chessboard that is not played for us

Cause this game is disputed by the change, and by destiny
Not for us

Baseado nas músicas:

- Inexorable Light (Kaledon, Legend Of The Forgotten Reign - Chapter III; 2004)
- Destiny (Stratovarius, Destiny; 1998)
- Falling Star (Stratovarius, Polaris; 2009)

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